We all love ADM (Advanced Download Manager) including me, but sometimes we hate a lot because of ADM client error or ADM access is denied error and we don’t want to waste our time and data for this error, so we can fix it by using a small trick, you don’t need to be an expert to fix adm client error access is denied.

This is the first website to provide fix for adm client error access is denied.

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Before we begin,

Does ADM really work or boost your download speed?

The answer is no, adm does not boost Your download speed, it does nothing with your Internet speed, all internet speed depends on your data provider.
ADM makes multiple parts of a file to download, it downloads part by part, not all the parts at a time. So the speed does not change. It is same as IDM of PC, IDM also does not increase your Internet speed but many people like IDM and ADM trusting that it really increases their downloading speed but it is not.

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ADM has some special features like scheduling download etc, which helps many Jio users to download at night without getting up from beautiful dream having romantic movement with their loved once😅.

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Why the ADM client error access is denied error appears?

Everything has expiry date nothing on earth live forever, like that download link(s) also expires. For example, Google Drive download link expires after 24 hours, so when you download anything from the expired link it shows adm client error access is denied, even if you pause the download and resume after 24 hours it shows client error access is denied.

How to fix ADM client error access is denied?


I have given another method in YouTube video (see at last) to fix adm client error without UC browser at the end of the post.

  1. A client error file in ADM
  2. UC browser
  3. Internet connection
  4. A working Brain(just kidding)😅

Step 1: Go to the site or website from where you previously downloaded the file using UC Browser
Why UC, because it’s required for upcoming steps😅

Step 2: Download the file in UC browser but just download for 2-3 seconds or at least 10kb and pause the downloading file.

Step 3: Now touch and hold the downloading file in UC browser until you get some options like re-download, details and delete

  • Now click on details.
  • From there copy the file URL.

Step 4: Open ADM, now touch and hold ‘client error access is denied’ file until you get some option like remove, restart, edit etc.

    • Now click on edit.


  • In Link, section removes the old link and paste the link which we have copied in step 3.
  • After pasting it, click on change.

Step 5: Now resume the ‘client error access is denied file’ in a normal way as you do.

Step 6: Enjoy, we have helped you to fix it

Another method for fixing ADM client error without using UC browser is shown in this video below:

Hope you have understood the step’s to fix adm client error access is denied and if any doubts regarding this fix, then comment down.


  1. Bro you’re really genius you have saved my 900mb data and time. thnx ADM client error finally resolved
    Love this site keep it up