Tips to become successful youtuber

YouTube is no more same. It has improved a lot. Now it’s your time to improve and become successful YouTuber.

If you want to do full-time YouTube, then you must become successful YouTuber. But many of us do mistakes and regret later. So you are here to know How to be a successful YouTuber.

Before we proceed further, YouTube has changed its policy check it out here:  YouTube new policy – YouTube 10000 views No ads? How to get 10k views?

How to become successful YouTuber?

Consider these tips because, tips mentioned here are by famous YouTubers like Technical Guruji, Geeky Ranjit, and My Smart Support.

  • As you can see, above channel names are branded. They didn’t kept their name as their channel name.
  • Be focused on your work.
  • Add daily or weekly or monthly a video to maintain a consistency.
  • Name plays a very unique role. So select a unique channel name.
  • Make fresh and cool YouTube channel logo and banner. # Don’t_copy
  • Intro will make the visitor to remember your channel. According to many famous Youtubers, first 20 seconds of video decide that visitor will stay or leave your channel.
  • Create a bond between you and your viewers by comments etc as they are the GOD for your channel.
  •  GOOD Accent also increases subscribers.
  • Edit video nicely, as this give nice view to your visitors.
  • Maintain consistency by uploading videos regularly.
  • If possible collab with other youtubers.
  • Be open to other creators, promote each other.
  • You have to ASK FOR SUBSCRIBE FROM VIEWERS as i mentioned VIEWERS as GOD.
  • Golden key to success on youtube is given below you have to just scroll down.

Avoid these MISTAKES to become successful youtuber:

  • Don’t Join MCN (Multi Channel Network) until you reach 2 to 3 lakh subscribers.
  • Email from MCN, then never join it. Because many of them will be fake.
  • Never copy the Logo, Thumbnail from other channels because it can also give you a Copyright Strike.
  • Don’t copy or repost the same video from other channels.
  • Copying channel logo or channel banner is also a violation of YouTube policy.
  • Try not to keep your name as channel name.
  • Never make hacking, cracking videos like ‘how to hack Facebook, paid apps for free’ etc. Because it’s a violation of YouTube policy.
  • Never make boring videos.
  • Don’t make click bait, if anyone flagged your video then you might face some problems.

( click bait means for example video title is different  and content in the video is different)

  • Don’t post illegal content on YouTube it includes drugs, gambling etc.
  •  Greedy to money? Then YouTube is not for you.

New YouTuber? want to become successful youtuber? Some tips here:

  • Hey,  if you are a theif who stole other channel, then scroll down more, I have something to tell you.
  • Don’t JUST  dream of successful YouTuber just keep hard working.
  • Don’t compare subscribers, you will grow 100% if you do hardwork with logic.
  • LOL for YOU, If you do SUB4SUB  as its no use as you get inactive subscribers.
  • Never ever spam.

Get 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel quickly  #Best method?

Although I have covered almost all tips to achive success on youtube but here some tips for beginners.

  • First of all don’t be greedy for money because you can’t earn from first day.
  • Make your First 10 to 20 video’s  just awesome so that if anyone see your video, they must subscribe.
  • Your first 10 to 20 videos may take long time but give your channel a boost and you a success.
  • Never loose hope because everything takes time.
  • If you are sure that your video(s) will 100% get subscribers then you can use Google Adwords.
  • Sharing on Facebook is not just like adding link, share, over.

Add your video thumbnail with link and share it on facebook. Because with only link your youtube video thumbnail will be small.

  • Comment on other’s channel. Don’t comment Sub4Sub 😂😂😂.

Note: Everything takes time, NEVER loose hope.

Golden  words said by  any successful YouTuber:

  1. YouTube MY their Passion.
  2. My channel or videos have a particular focus.
  3. I never lost My patient (Geeky Ranjit channel took almost 2 years to be successful on YouTube)
  4. Trust on viewers.

Hope you have got all the things to become a famous YouTuber or successful YouTuber or best YouTuber. So don’t forget to share your feedback in comments.

Does these tips helped you to become successful YouTuber? What are your strategies on youtube? Would you like to share? What are your expectations from your channels? Feel free to answer.



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