How to block WIFI user using Android
How to block WIFI user using Android

Well, you might be searching for how to block other wifi users of the same wifi network using android then you’re at the right place. If you’re on public wifi network then blocking other wifi users is not good. So this is just for educational purpose only. So let’s begin “How to block WIFI user using Android”.

Note: It would be good to use this application on your own wifi network, rather than public or others wifi network. We don’t take any responsibility that you do using wifikill application or any application. using or keeping Wifikill may be illegal in your country. Use at your own risk.


  1. A Rooted Phone
  2. Wifi kill app (link at last)
  3. This post link to refer (Lol)

wifi kill Application download?

There are two wifi kill apps, one is paid and other is the free version. Paid version doesn’t have any ads but free version contains ads. You may use any version as both works the same. You can download the free version from  Here

How to block WIFI user using Android

  1. Firstly install and open the wifi kill application.
  2. Connect to your wifi network, if you already connected to it then okay.
  3. Click on play button or icon which is located on top.
  4. Super user request appears just allow it.
  5. After that just click on refresh button which is also located on top.
  6. Then a list of IP address appears, click on the IP address which you want to block, then click on grab button and then kill button.
  7. If you want to block wifi users, then just follow 1-5 steps, then click on grab all button and then kill all button.

Hope this post had helped you to get rid of other people using your wifi.