Do you use WhatsApp? if yes then this post could be helpful for you and if you don’t use WhatsApp, stop kidding me. Every smartphone users use WhatsApp as it is the best messaging app for now.

In this post, I will talk about 5 Whatsapp features features which could be helpful for you helpful for you. As of now very few members know these features. If you know this features it’s good for you and if you don’t know this features then let’s begin the post.


1. Reply To A Specific Message

It becomes to handy to reply a person in groups when it comes to group chat there are hundreds of messages per hour. By this feature you can reply to a specific message in groups by long pressing the message and clicking the backward arrow button.

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2. Find who read your messages

This feature is for those who don’t know how to find ,who read your messages in WhatsApp groups. So you can see that by long pressing the message and clicking on the a button above.

3. Listen To The Voice Message Directly

There are some friends who send some friends who send voice messages and when you are in front of your parents you can’t listen to the voice message as there could be a secret message in it. By thus feature you can listen to the voice message directly in your earpiece. All you have to do is start the voice message and hold the phone next to your ear.

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4. Send message to a particular person in group chats

It become to confusing while messaging in a group chat especially groups which are always active. For this, there is a feature in WhatsApp but which you can send message to a particular person in groups chats. To do this you just have to type @ and then write the name of the person as saved in your WhatsApp…
For Ex : @Crazytohelp

5. Customize your text in WhatsApp

Yes, it’s true that you can change the font style of the text before sending and message.
How to do this:-
Bold – put ‘*’ before and after the message to m it bold
Ex : *Bold*
Italic – Put _ before and after a message to message it italic
Ex : _italic_
Strike through – put ~ before and after the message to make it strike through
Ex : ~strike through~

6. Save any message

You can save any message in WhatsApp. It’s too hard to find any important message in groups especially which are too active. For this, WhatsApp has a feature to save or start the messages which are important to you. You just have long press on the message and click on the star icon to save messages. You can find these messages in options>starred messages..

7. Mute chats

There are some groups in WhatsApp which are too useless and you can’t even leave the groups. For this there is a solution of muting a particular chat or group. U can do this but long pressing on the current and then clicking on the mute icon, then you have select the duration of time of the mute.

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With this the post comes to an end. I hope your like the post.
If you have any complaint, query or doubt about anything can comment down below, you know we are always crazy to help.  🙂


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