All of them were  hating the new Whatsapp stories or status. But now all users are adjusted to WhatsApp feature. Whatsapp added the old status feature back. Now the problem is, there is  no option to save  download Whatsapp status  stories in the Whatsapp.

WhatsApp currently don’t support the feature of save download WhatsApp status stories.  So this simple trick is only for educational purposes only.

But you know that WhatsApp status stories  can be played offline. It means the Whatsapp status stories are saved in your device, BUT THE STORIES ARE HIDDEN by Whatsapp.

NOTE: This is the first website to say how to download save Whatsapp status stories WITHOUT any app.

Using this simple trick you can save Download Whatsapp status stories like images, GIF, video’s etc which are loaded by WhatsApp in your device.

How to load WhatsApp status stories?

You need to just  watch the friend’s or other’s WhatsApp status stories who’s you want  to Download or save the status stories in your device.

To save Download Whatsapp status stories you need,

  1. Whatsapp
  2. a modern file  manager (which show hidden folders). Now almost all stock file manager show hidden folder but of your  file manager won’t show then you can download ES File manager.

Follow the below steps to download save WhatsApp status stories,

  1. Open Whatsapp
  2. Watch your friend or other’s Whatsapp status stories of whom you want to save .or download.
  3. Now open ES File Explorer.
  4. Open “menu” of ES file Explorer and enable “show hidden folder”
  5. Using ES File Explorer, open Whatsapp FOLDER  and in Whatsapp folder, open media folder.
  6. In the media folder you will see a faded folder, named ” .Statuses ”  open it.

Statuses contains all the WhatsApp status stories, which are already loaded by Whatsapp .

You can copy any status stories and save in your device.

So this is the simple method  to download save Whatsapp status stories without any app.

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