Hey, CrazyToHelp readers. In this post, we’re gonna talk about the ‘Indian browser’. Yes, guys in the past 2 days lot of people have got a message in their WhatsApp saying uninstall UC Browser as it is a Chinese application and install support India by installing Indian browser. Well after seeing the name of the browser all have downloaded and started using the application. What do you guys think? Is the ‘Indian browser’ even Indian? Let’s know that in this post.

Is the ‘Indian Browser’ really Indian?

Indian, Indian browser, Indian browser developer address

Well, the name sounds really Indian but the developer doesn’t seem to be an Indian! When we were taking an eye on the details of the browser, we found that the developer of this app is from UAE. So, do you think that you are really supporting India by installing this app?

Is the app good?

Indian browser, Indian browser app
After seeing the ratings and reviews on play store I thought the at would perform decently. But then got to know that even the reviews are for the name of the browser. The app is very basic and I don’t see any good work done on the app.

What’s the profit for the developer?

Indian browser, Contain ads
When we first took a look at the app on play store, we saw that the app contains ads. Here comes the profit. They just made a message regarding the app and made it Viral in WhatsApp.

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Patriotism by Indians.

Indian browser, Indian browser ratings
Yesterday when I saw the app there were like 100 downloads of the app and today there are nearly 50,000 reviews of the app and the downloads are not even updated.

Update: – Just after 5 days of writing this post there are more than 1 million downloads of the app. The developer is earning very good money by the app. After knowing they everyone was uninstalling the app, the developer removed his address from the play store. considering the current speed of the downloads, the application will reach 50 million downloads in some months and the money earned from that application will be going to another country.

Indian browser, fake Indian browser developer

What should we do to stop this fake browser?

when you are installing this app just click on read more, now scroll down and you will see a flag option on that play store. just click on that and flag the app so that the app will be removed.

Final words:-
Please do check when you see a spam message on WhatsApp regarding any app or website. You are not even supporting India by installing the app, you are just making money for the developer.