Whatsapp AutoReply Android or WhatsApp auto responder Android

We all know that  Facebook page, we have an option for Auto reply option when someone messages. We can also set custom messages on Facebook.( WhatsApp auto reply or WhatsApp auto responder has given below)

But nowadays  WhatsApp is  Trending and every person uses  WhatsApp on earth,  but we don’t have WhatsApp Auto reply feature. But many apps are present in Play store to do auto reply task, so do you think all apps work, NOPE some apps don’t, so I have giving a complete tutorial to setup app for WhatsApp auto reply.

If you’re Indian, then you must know that,

KIDS manually reply,
MEN use Facebook auto reply,
LEGENDS use WhatsApp Auto reply.

Steps to set up WhatsApp auto responder or WhatsApp auto reply:

  1. Download this WhatsReply app.
  2. You know, you have to open the app. So open the app and go to step 3, if you are still reading this then you must share this post.
  3. Grant notification permission. App automatically asks for permission just enable it.

WhatsApp auto reply, WhatsApp auto responderA. It’s a button you know that, which turns on and off auto reply option.

B. It’s the text, sent when you’re offline and auto reply must be enabled to send. You can edit the default text or add your own text. My custom text is given below.

C. The Time interval to send the auto reply message. For example ‘z’ message you ‘hi’ auto reply app send the message(Hi, I am pretty busy now). if ‘z’ message again in 10 seconds,  auto reply app won’t send the message again.

D. If You enable auto reply for groups, auto reply app will send the message to groups. I suggest you to off that option if you have many groups.

Note: This app needs improvement because if you are chatting with ‘G’ and ‘Z’ messages you, then auto reply app send  message( hi I am pretty busy now…) to ‘Z’

Note: This post is just for educational purposes. We never encourage illegal or criminal activity.

ENJOY the WhatsApp auto responder or WhatsApp auto reply android or WhatsApp auto reply bot on your Android.

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  1. I think Whatsapp Should integrate this feature inside their App. Hope it happen’s soon in near future. Well this Blog of yours is really very helpful to me. Keep the good work going !!

  2. The feature may be not legal, but was really an amazing hack. You blog was awesome with such great hacks found just here. I hope this hack would become officially the whatsapp feature by default.